Know Before You Go to Mount Evans


For specific travel information up to Mount Evans, or other travel in the area, consult the Idaho Springs Visitor Center, located at 2060 Miner Street in Idaho Springs.  (303) 567-4382 or visit our website For the latest information about the road visit

Please be aware cell phone coverage is limited depending on location and cell phone company provider.

Download the app for the tour now before you head up.

The Forest Service and Denver Mountain Parks charge a fee for services and amenities provided at developed sites within the Mount Evans Recreation Area necessary for the comfort, education, enjoyment and safety of the visiting public. Information and passes are available at the welcome station located at the base of the Mount Evans Road.

Mount Evans is a popular tourist destination, be prepared for limited parking and large crowds on weekends, especially holiday weekends. The area frequently experiences afternoon thunderstorms, so a morning visit would be best for weather conditions and wildlife viewing. Expect the temperature at the summit to be about 40°F colder than in Denver and high winds are common.  Ensure you have enough gas, food and water as there are no services on Mount Evans. Plan for 3 hours round trip from Idaho Springs for your visit.